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Diamonds | The Four C's of Diamonds - Clarity

The grades of diamonds reflect the appearance of inclusions, irregularities, and breaks within the stone when viewed from above at 10x magnification. They also consider external imperfections such as scratches, nicks and chips also referred to as blemishes. In colorless diamonds, darker inclusions will tend to create the most significant drop in clarity grade.


Diamond Clarity Designations

FL Flawless Diamond IF Internally Flawless Diamond VVS1 Very Very Small Inclusions 1 VVS2 Very Very Small Inclusions 2 VS1 Very Small Inclusions 1 VS2 Very Small Inclusions 2
VVS-2 VS-1 VS-2

SI1 Small / Slight Inclusions 1

SI2 Small / Slight Inclusions 2


I1 Imperfect 1

I2 Imperfect 2

I3 Imperfect 3

SI-1 SI-2 SI-3
I1 I2 I3


Diamond Clarity Designations Explained:

  • FL - "Flawless" - No inclusions at 10x magnification. Extremely rare.
  • IF - "Internally Flawless" - No inclusions at 10x magnification, but has small external blemishes.
  • VVS-1 - "Very Very Slightly Included" - Inclusions are extremely difficult to see at 10x magnification.
  • VVS-2 - "Very Very Slightly Included" - Inclusions are still extremely difficult to see, but slightly easier than VVS-1.
  • VS-1 - "Very Slightly Included" - Inclusions are difficult to see at 10x magnification.
  • VS-2 - "Very Slightly Included" - Slightly easier to see inclusions than VS-1 .
  • SI-1 - "Slightly Included" - Inclusions are relatively easy to find at 10x magnification, but still invisible to the naked eye.
  • SI-2 - "Slightly Included" - Inclusions may be very slightly visible to the naked eye.
  • SI-3 - "Slightly Included" - Not a grading that is recognized by the GIA, but sometimes used due to the large difference between SI-2 and I-1.
  • I1 to I3 - "Included" - Inclusions are visible without a microscope.

The most common clarities that are sold at Adamas Goldsmiths lie between VS-1 and SI-2. This is because it's difficult to see a difference in the high grades, and large diamonds below SI-2 usually look undesirable. Adamas Goldsmiths has access to any clarity of diamond, and our sales staff can answer any questions you may have. For more information, call us at (780) 434-9479.


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