Comprehensive Jewellery Guide

Adamas Goldsmiths Diamonds

Some things should not be left to chance, such as choosing the perfect diamond. At Adamas Goldsmiths we have highly trained professionals who can help you make one of the most important purchases...ever.

That is why our new, updated website has several free comprehensive guides. We are providing these to help you with your fine jewelry purchases. They include information on the 4 C's, jewellery care and cleaning, colored gemstones, birthstones, pearls, and precious metals.

The 4 C's of Diamonds

As a consumer, your first step in shopping for a diamond should be to learn and understand the "4 C's" diamond grading system. The 4 C's represent the four variables that are used to calculate the quality and value of a diamond.

Both rough and cut diamonds are separated and graded based on these four characteristics. It is important to learn how to understand the details of the cut, carat, clarity and colour of a diamond and how they affect your diamond's value.

1. Diamonds | The 4 C's of Diamonds - Cut
2. Diamonds | The 4 C's of Diamonds - Carat
Diamonds | The 4 C's of Diamonds - Clarity
4. Diamonds | The 4 C's of Diamonds - Colour

About Pearls

When you're shopping for pearls, it's a good idea to understand what pearls are and how they are created.  Our comprehensive guide will take you through the types, qualities, and sizes, and how to care for your pearl jewellery.  It's all here in our Pearl Guide.

About Gemstones and Birthstones

Adamas Goldsmiths carries a wide selection of birthstones and gemstones.  We can also bring in any gemstone you need, and help you find a way to set it into the jewellery of your choice.

Gemstone and Birthstone Guide

About Precious Metals

Adamas Goldsmiths can provide you with a wide selection of precious metals for your custom jewellery.  Our jewellery is normally comprised of White Gold, Yellow Gold, and Platinum.

Precious Metal Guide