Jewellery Repair, Maintenance & Goldsmiths Services

Adamas Goldsmiths has the best on-site jewellery repair service in Edmonton. With 2 full-time goldsmiths, we can provide expert advice on any gold, silver, or platinum jewellery. We do ring sizing, chain solders, stone tightening, re-tipping, and many other procedures right inside our store. We also can check, polish, and clean your jewellery while you wait.

As jewellery ages, the metal can wear down and it can require maintenance, sometimes to prevent the loss of stones or the piece itself. We not only repair jewellery, but we look for potential problems, such as low claws, which have a higher risk of breaking, and worn down jump loops, which could be weak and cause the chain to break open. A lot of times these problems can only be spotted when the piece is thoroughly cleaned. Sometimes the dirt can help hold stones in place, and sometimes the skin oils can cause a tension clasp to give out easier.

Our staff has over 130 years of combined jewellery repair experience, so feel free to ask for our expertise. You can call us at 780-482-4822 or stop by while we’re open, Tue-Sat 10-5:30. We’ll be happy to see you!