Adamas Goldsmiths Custom Designed Jewellery

Adamas Goldsmiths has been specializing in custom jewellery for over 30 years. We hand-carve our waxes and cast our own jewellery at our design studio in downtown Edmonton. We can create all kinds of jewellery; everything from custom rings, pendants, and bracelets, to recycled gold jewellery and settings for your existing diamonds and gemstones.

New Designs

If you have an idea for a new custom piece, visit Adamas Goldsmiths and one of our trained staff members can help you make that idea happen. The first step is coming up with a drawing or picture that our wax carver can use. If you just have an idea, then we can draw it for you. After that, we will carve a wax repilca of the piece, and you can see it and try it on. If there's anything that needs to be changed to the wax, we'll do that for no extra charge. Once the wax is approved, we go ahead and make the piece. The whole process could take about a month or so.

Remounting Stones

If you have a diamond or gemstone, and you are looking to have it set in a new piece, we can provide many options for that as well. Most of the engagement rings in our showcase are priced without the center diamond, so we could set your diamond or gemstone into that. Another option would be to order a mounting from a catalogue. And of course, we could make a custom piece too.

Old Gold Designs

We can also make new jewellery from old gold. If you have some old rings that are out of style, or old broken jewellery that you can't use anymore, you can have them melted down and recast into something new using one of our existing moulds. You could also have any diamonds or gemstones set into the new piece. If you're interested to learn more, visit the Adamas Goldsmiths Southgate location, and ask to see some of the old gold samples.

Corporate Jewellery

Adamas Goldsmiths has a long history of providing custom pieces to corporate clients. We've done rings and pendants, for example, which incorporate the company logo into a stylish design. Or, to honor an employee's tenure at your company, we've created pieces that include a specific number of diamonds which commemorate the number of years of service they've provided. Also, we typically offer a discount for large orders. Be sure to contact us for more information.

For any other questions, call us at 780-434-9479.

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