Professional Ring Resizing in Edmonton

In most cases, rings are sized at the very bottom, and a chunk is cut out if it’s going down in size, and if it’s going up, a piece is added in. Once the ring is resized, there’s usually no trace of the work. However, if the ring has a pattern, sometimes it’ll be disrupted. Or if the ring is changing a lot, sometimes it might be a little off-round when it’s finished. Usually the goldsmith wants to avoid bending the top half of the ring if there’s stones set up there, so it’s necessary to leave the bottom half off-round. 

We get a lot of customers whose rings spin a lot on their fingers. It’s usually due to their knuckles being bigger than the part of the ring where the ring sits. We have a few methods to combat ring spinning, such as installing gold beads on the inside or putting in a permanent ring guard, so let us know if that’s a problem for you. 

We’re able to size rings in white or yellow gold, silver, and platinum. Other metals might pose a problem to size in the traditional way, but there might be other methods. Let us know if you have any questions. 

When dealing with rings that are soldered together, it’s typically not a problem. The price for sizing soldered rings is usually just slightly higher. Same thing with sizing two tone rings or rings with multiple strands. 

Go ahead and call us at 780-482-4822 if you have any questions, or visit our showroom in central Edmonton when you have time!